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Spiritual Direction

Make space to slow down, be still, and listen: to God, to your life, to your heart, and to your soul.

Spiritual direction is sacred space where you as the directee and me as the director both humbly come before the Lord to pay attention to God's work in your life. 

While the word “direction” implies answers, steps, and plans (tempting, right?), the reality is that spiritual direction is more open hands than pointed fingers. Like a wild, crackling fire, God is the true spiritual director and the trained spiritual director is a trusted companion who cozies up by the fire with you, listening, praying, and gently asking questions.    

The Experience

In individual spiritual direction, you'll:

  • Discern the voice and action of God in your life.

  • Experience a safe space to be honest with your thoughts, your feelings, and yourself.

  • Be encouraged to pray, receive, and dialogue directly with God.

  • Integrate your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Individual spiritual direction builds deeper intimacy in your relationship with God and gives you a greater awareness of God's presence in your everyday life.  

I was honored to be featured on The Ripening podcast sharing about spiritual direction and belonging. Give it a listen to learn more about my approach to offering spiritual direction.

The Details

Spiritual direction is holy ground. I seek to create a safe place where you feel at home and accepted, where your soul can be seen and known.

I offer 60-minute, individual spiritual direction sessions for $50.00 per session. We'll initially meet once a month for the first three months, and then discern and discuss future meetings from there. 

Contact me to schedule your free, 30-minute introductory meeting to see if we would be a good fit. I'd be honored to journey with you! 

The Fine Print

Spiritual direction is not counseling.

We don’t address specific issues with the intent to “get over them” or “master something.” While specific topics are often brought up, the focus in spiritual direction remains experiencing God’s presence more deeply in your own everyday life.

Spiritual direction is not actually directive.

If you’re like me and just wish God would give you a play-by-play of exactly what God would like you to do with your life, this is kind of disappointing at first. But the truth is that spiritual direction is about intentionally listening to what God is actually saying to you, not trying to manipulate God into saying what you wish God would say to you. In the long run, this approach is so.much.better than a step-by-step, rigid agenda! I promise. It's life-giving freedom instead of soul-sucking control, but you do have to be willing to loosen your grip. 

A spiritual director is trained to pray and listen to God on your behalf, a companion to help you see God in your life in ways you wouldn't have even imagined.

Spiritual direction is not life coaching.

Christian spiritual direction is about listening to God’s voice and how God is revealing who God is and who you are throughout the story of your life. While this does involve elements of identity, vocation, and other aspects explored in life coaching, the heart of spiritual direction is about discovering how God is already moving in our everyday lives.

If spiritual direction sounds intriguing, but you’re really interested in something similar to life coaching, check out the identity discovery I offer.