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Identity Discovery

Blend what you believe about God and yourself into your everyday experience.

Identity discovery invites you into a deep exploration of who you are, who God is, and what is yours to do. Intentional and biblical, identity discovery combines the soulful attitude of spiritual direction with the hands-on approach of life coaching to cultivate lasting transformation. 

The Experience

In identity discovery, you'll:

  • Experience a safe place to be honest with yourself and God.
  • Revisit your past, reframe your present, and reimagine your future.
  • Honestly and prayerfully examine the habits, beliefs, and stories that have shaped your identity in a redemptive way.
  • Learn spiritual and psychological practices to live more deeply rooted and established in God. 
  • Be encouraged and supported every step of the way! 

Identity discovery offers a life-changing exploration into the deep questions of life blended with a profoundly personal integration of what you believe into your daily experience. 

The Details

Although the process of identity discovery is rooted in the biblical, theological, and practical foundations of the Awake identity curriculum, each of our identity journeys are unique so the process looks different for everyone. As a starting point, we’ll meet together weekly for at least two months to engage essential, foundational “soul work” that will help you live more freely as you are and move forward from there.    

Contact me to schedule your free, 30-minute introductory meeting to learn more.