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"What a different relationship begins to develop when you realize that God is head-over-heels in love with you...God loves you deeply, recklessly and extravagantly–just as you are."

-Dr. David G. Benner, The Gift of Being Yourself

Biblical resources to deepen your relationship with God.


You’re craving purpose in the midst of your everyday. You're desperate for a more personal understanding of God, but sick of the striving that faith so often seems like. You’re aching for life to the full, but aren’t sure what that even means, much less how to "get there."

Connect what you know about God in your head to how you experience God in your life. 

Deeply rooted in Scripture and Christian theology, Ally Ley resources teach more than just facts about God. They invite you to engage with God in personal, intimate, transformative ways as you are unleashed to live your one wild and precious life well. 


A soul-centered guide to discovering what is yours to do.

Monthly Visioning Guide

A gentle and practical framework to more fully embrace the life God is inviting you to live.