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A soul-centered guide to discovering what is yours to do.

“The most important thing about a person is not what they do, but who they become.”

–Dr. Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy

You long to live with purpose and intention. For most of us, this desire mostly means setting and then furiously working to achieve goals. While helpful, setting goals is usually less about authentically living the life that wants to live in us, and more about productivity, control, and trying to prove our worth.


Enter Becoming, soul-centered guide to discovering what is yours to do.


Becoming seeks surrender instead of control.

Listening instead of manipulating.

Receiving instead of striving to achieve.

Learning to follow God more each day in the midst of our own everyday life.

Biblical, practical, and spiritual, Becoming will reframe your years, months, weeks, and days as you more deeply live into the unique purpose God has for you. 

Who are you becoming?


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