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Awake Identity 


Discovery Retreats

Rediscover who God is, who God has created you to be, and what living your identity in Christ looks like in your everyday life.

More than a small group or a Bible study, the Awake experience is an integrated spiritual adventure for women to explore the reality of their identity in Christ. Awake Identity Discovery retreats allow for intentional and powerful identity discovery away from the demands of everyday life.

The Experience

At an Awake Identity Discovery retreat, you'll:

  • Face what keeps you from living life to the full right now, confronting everything from perfectionism to sin to authenticity.
  • Refresh yourself in God's presence.  
  • Understand the root of why you feel like you are both too much and yet never enough.
  • Connect with other women wanting to freely and fully live out their identity in Christ. 
  • Learn why all of us try to perform to earn the love, purpose, worth, and security that only God can give.

You’ll leave with a deeper awareness who God is, who God has created you to be, and spiritual rhythms to help you engage the lifelong journey of transformation: the invitation to live as you are. Awake Identity Discovery retreats are the perfect starting point for women who want to more deeply explore who they are in Christ as well as for churches and other communities before embarking on Awake Journey groups.

The Details

Awake Identity Discovery retreats invite you into intentional, powerful identity discovery with a group of kindreds in a beautiful, nourishing environment. Combining the rejuvenating atmosphere of a retreat with the powerful personal reflection and community connection at the heart of the Awake experience, Awake Identity Discovery retreats will reshape how you see God, yourself, others, and the world. 

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